The joy with Renaissance outfit

2017-09-04 16:54:51

Favorite historical figure or to fulfill the childhood dream of becoming a fantasy character attendees just jumped upon the medieval costumes.


 Food, activities like historical play, acrobatics, juggling and the themed design of background based on Middle Ages just add the perfect taste to the occasion.

If you think your medieval outfit will look awkward then you will not be able to enjoy the mood of the fest.  To enjoy the faire fullest, don’t hesitate just go with the flow. Renaissance festival in its own prospective is imaginative and educative. It provides a great time for historical enthusiasts and educators. Don’t be a spectator only, take part in activities. There are many historical and imaginary characters you can play. Jumping upon the toes of medieval costumes will not only be a way of fun but a learning experience also.

There are varieties of renaissance clothing to choose. For beautiful princess or queen’s attire you can pick up from dresses and gowns. If you enjoy being mysterious then opt for capes and cloaks. Pirate sense of dressing is equally popular. Captain pirate had their own sense of styling therefore you will have to be little careful while dressing like them but in case of shoe-buckling pirates any weird or awkward sense of dressing is acceptable because they were the lowest in ranking system and wore anything they got from the loot. Medieval doublet and tunics give you the opportunity to look like gladiator, peasant, Greek and prince.

Imagine that you have got the best renaissance outfits for the upcoming ceremony but  there are still maybe certain shortcomings that you will have to rectify and that thing may be your:

Shoes:  Most people do not give importance to the shoes while dressing like their favorite character but it is as vital as other wardrobes. It can completely alter your look or give you a perfect finishing. If you don’t want to ruin your appearance then look for the right shoes.

Head wears: While dressing like a character, copied him from tip to toe. Cover your head with appropriate headwear such as a hat, cap or crown otherwise color your hair accordingly.

Eyeglasses: Even after having everything in place eyeglasses can come between you and your look. For the occasion we will not suggest you to remove them but prefer you take better option of contact lenses.