History of Gelato

2019-10-11 01:53:06

Gelato is a frozen dessert that is enjoyed all over the world.


Gelato is a frozen dessert that is enjoyed all over the world. It is a nifty and convenient treat to have when it is hot and sunny out. Contrary to popular belief, frozen desserts have existed for several hundreds of years. Much us not known about of their true origins, but with what little is known, you will find that gelato has an impressive history.

In China, the rulers who were also known as Emperors had a penchant for fruits and honeys, so they would have them added to a serving of snow for a frozen treat. In ancient Rome, Nero the great Emperor would send his slaves out into the deep mountains and have them bring back tons of ice and snow so they can be made into frozen desserts. Fruits and honey were used to add some variety and flavor.

In order to transform these frozen desserts into what is known as ice cream, milk and other dairy products were added. The Tang Dynasty of ancient China have claims to be the ones who were responsible for incorporating cows and goats milk to some of their rice products and letting it set and ferment for a few a short while. Can you imagine that there over ninety icemen who given the task of gathering the supplies and making this tasty treat.

In Italy, Bernardo Bountalenti, a cook from Florentine, created modern day ice cream back in 1565. Sicillian Procopio dei Coltelli created this first ice cream machine that became the model for modern day ice cream makers.

Gelato was once a dessert that was once reserved for the rich and wealthy. It was made in minute quantities and since it needed too much ice to keep fresh and frozen, it had to be eaten within a few hours of it being made.
The very first carts that served gelato were first created in 1920s in Varese, Italy and created a big demand for this frozen delight.

With the advancement in technology, better ways to store ice cream and its alternatives and increase its availability to everyone. As the idea of frozen desserts became more popular and more widespread, different cultures and countries began to make their own versions of it.
The composition of milk, water and sugar in Italian ice cream make less dense and enables it to stay soft while it is freezing. It is made two ways, through pasteurization and a cold process. The cold process is very popular in America.

Even though it can be saved in a freezer for three months, you may want to eat it much sooner. The flavors are more intense since there is less fat in the composition of this dessert.

When you are in the mood for something tasty and frozen , you should try some gelato. It is all natural and much healthier than many other ice creams and deserts. You should explore all of the wonderful flavors and decide which ones are your favorites.