Metal furniture makes your home extraordinary

2020-11-30 07:09:37

Metal furniture is more and more used not only in offices and professional kitchens, but also in many rooms of our houses and in gardens. Metal, indeed, has got many advantages and can be used in many different contexts.



In kitchens, first of all: taking inspiration from restaurants kitchens, many kitchen manufacturers have realized new models that are characterized by some metal features. On the one hand, it is true that a kitchen made entirely of steel, like the professional ones, would not be much appreciated by most people, as it would appear too cold and impersonal; on the other hand, the use of steel in the kitchen certainly has many advantages: this material, indeed, is more hygienic than other ones, and this is an essential feature in the kitchen, the room where we keep and cook the food that we will then eat, but which is often used also for other reasons welcoming guests, helping children doing their homework that inevitably result in many comings and goings that might leave a trace. Moreover, steel kitchens are very resistant, which is notably useful if you like to cook and plan to do that very often. Furthermore, a kitchen with some metal features is also nicer, and the mix of steel, modern elements and other classic features like wooden parts  is notably appreciated these days.


Thus metal can be used not only for professional features, but also to furnish our house. Another evidence of this is given by the furniture for external spaces, patios, terraces and gardens: in these spaces you often find metal chairs, benches and tables. As already mentioned, metals are notably resistant, and for this reason they are suitable for external spaces, where weathering might jeopardize the furniture that is made of more delicate materials. Moreover, metal furniture for external spaces gives a smart touch to your garden, which would not be possible with other materials, like plastic, which is certainly resistant and easy to clean, but is not as elegant as wrought iron or as other types of metals that are used in this sector. Metal pieces of furniture for external spaces can also have some disadvantages: if they are under the sun, for example, they can overheat, but some little tricks (cushions on the chairs or umbrellas to create some shadow zones) are sufficient to solve the problem. Also the threat of rust has been foiled thanks to special varnishes that prevent its formation.


As far as internal furniture is concerned, you only need to have a look to the various rooms of a house to understand that metal is widely used also in the house, and not only to produce professional furniture. Thanks to their high water, moisture and weathering resistance, metals can be used also in bathrooms or even in houses by the sea, where furniture might be damaged by saltiness, but this material is also appreciated by designers to realize original chairs and furnishings , which can certainly embellish any house.  

Some of the objectives of interior designing with metal are enhancing the quality of life of the occupants, and making the environment aesthetically attractive. With these, interior design incorporates other important disciplines and processes to achieve a working, functional, and sustainable design. These designs can be directed to homes, offices, and commercial spaces.