Tips for bathroom renovation

2020-04-15 04:32:38

A bathroom remodel offers one of the best return on investments for a home improvement project.


A bathroom remodel offers one of the best return on investments for a home improvement project. In addition to providing a high ROI, remodeling a bathroom also affords homeowners the chance to improve a living space that we all spend a significant amount of time in each day.

The level of how much to renovate in a bathroom remodeling project varies with personal tastes and budget. For example, remodeling a bathroom could be as limited in scope as simply updating the accessories like towels, curtains and throw rugs. On the other hand, it could be as complex as putting in a new custom tile shower, vanity, toilet and flooring.  Often it’s somewhere in between these two limits.

Before actually jumping into a bathroom renovation project and ripping out toilets, vanities and flooring it’s critical to first develop a well thought out bathroom design that specifies your objectives.  Hiring a home remodeling designer may help you in this process. They can help incorporate into your plans the latest in bathroom features and trends and insure you maximize the bathroom’s space. They can even provide guidance on expanding the physical size of the bathroom if you so desire.

In addition to installation of new flooring, vanity, countertops and plumbing fixtures, you may also want to consider the installation of a custom ceramic tile shower in your plans. A ceramic tiled shower offers a unique beauty and comfort that a standard fiberglass combo shower/tub unit cannot. Also, it is usually best to spend your budget on features that will provide the most bang for the buck and actual use. Most people take showers daily and rarely ever use a bathtub.
You may also want to consider installing heated floors, towel racks and even fog free mirrors. All three of these features provide both comfort and functional value to a remodeled bathroom.

After you’ve completed a layout and figured out the major features you want to include in your bathroom remodel plans you can then move on to selecting the actual items for the project. For example, selecting actual building materials, plumbing fixtures, tile, and paint colors. This stage of the project can be challenging just because there are so many options for each of these items.

In regards to flooring, ceramic tile is an ideal choice. It’s durable and low maintenance and stands up well against water and moisture issues. Larger tiles are more commonly used in bathrooms today, however it’s critical that the subfloor is absolutely rigid. Smaller mosaic tiles are also used frequently today and come in a plethora of colors and styles.

In regards to bathroom fixtures there is a wide array to choose from. With sinks and vanities there are the traditional cabinet and drop in sink styles. However, very popular today are vessel sinks that sit on top of bathroom cabinets and countertops. If you have a small bathroom you may want to consider a pedestal sink.

With regards to faucets, again, there are numerous options to choose from. Some work better with different bathroom sink styles so make sure to see what faucet works best for your bathroom vanity, countertop and sink selection.

Tub and Shower faucets also vary widely in features. There are multiple shower head fixtures and even some that mount directly to the ceiling. There are also massage jets that shoot outwards from shower walls to provide hydro massages. Always choose a faucet fixture that complements the plumbing fixtures.

Lighting is another important topic to consider in a bathroom remodeling project that is often an afterthought with many. It is vital that a bathroom have copious amounts of lighting in it. Plan to include as much natural lighting in your plans as possible. Window treatments should be designed for privacy but should not block out natural light entry. Also, make sure your lighting plans include overhead lighting as well as work space lighting. Make sure the overhead lighting near the vanity is positioned forward of where people will stand in front of the vanity. This will ensure no shadowing issues will arise when a person is standing in front of the vanity.

To summarize, a bathroom remodel provides a high rate of return for home improvement projects. However , like any major home construction project they require extensive planning to ensure they go smoothly and on budget. To that end it is vital to develop a fully fleshed out set of plans prior to starting the project.