Types of gentlemen's outfit

2018-05-23 14:08:14

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and there is not better way to make an impression than by wearing mens suits. You could find many of the best made ready to wear but there is still nothing better than the tailor made option. This will give you the absolutely perfect fit but will also allow you to stand out with an original design or detail.


There is a well known street in London where the tailors have established many of the modern conventions and created traditional designs that are still the standard today. One of these is the dinner jacket that was created for the Prince of Wales. It was based on the smoking jacket and is the traditional jacket for black tie events which where not as formal as white tie.

The traditional design for dinner jackets is still adhere to although not as rigidly. They where originally made from wool and where either black or navy. The lapel was of corded or satin silk and there where never any flaps on pockets or vents.

If you are the host of an even you can choose to stand out and wear a white dinner jacket. For this reason it is never appropriate for a guest to wear white. They where originally intended for warmer climates and are therefore never appropriate for English weather. This is why they should never be worn unless you want to stand out and a guest should not want to do this.

For any style of mens suits there are rules which will help you to look your best. Sleeve length is always very important. Showing your hands and especially the palm will engender trust in you. Covering up too much of your hands can also make you look short and stubby and this is something you always want to avoid. Make sure the shirt sleeve reaches the wrist but does not go too far. The sleeve of the jacket should also always show a small amount of the shirt cuff.

It is also a convention that the bottom button of any jacket should never be done up if there is more than one button. One a two buttoned jacket for example you should only do up the top button. If there are three buttons then you can fasten the middle one or the top two. If there are four buttons then do up the top three. This draws attention to the centre of the jacket and creates a slimming effect.

There is a convention in England that brown shoes are only ever worn 'out of town'. This implies that they are informal and should never be worn with business mens suits. For this reason they should never be matched with grey or navy. Also always match your belt to your shoes and never wear pants that have belt loops without wearing a belt.

Adhering to a few details will also ensure that you always finish off your look appropriately. Never wear a tie too short or too long. It should always touch the waist band. Don't ever wear check shirts with stripe ties. You can match your socks to any part of mens suits but this is the one element that should not stand out.