Antigua, the Caribbean jewel

2020-03-02 06:51:34

With warm and steady winds, a gorgeous coastline full of safe harbours and beautiful beaches, the island of Antigua is a jewel of the Caribbean Sea.


Discovered by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage became promptly a strategic port for for the British Navy known as the "gateway to the Caribbean" thanks to an abundance of fresh water and its protected harbours.

Now Antigua is one of the world's most renown holiday destination suited for everyone's taste. From snorkelling in the unbroken coral reef to relax on the amazing white sand beaches, Antigua offers something for everyone.

It's not difficult to find something to do on the island. With over 300 beaches, all open to the public, the challenge is to locate the place that suits one's taste. Galley Bay is the place to go to surf and do sports while the Southwest coast can offer excitement for those who want to find the heart of Antigua with quiet beaches and a friendly environment. Here you can experience the traditional Caribbean lifestyle, going fishing during the day and resting before a stunning sunset after.

St. John, the capital and largest city on the island, is the island's vibrant cultural hub. The city's view is dominated by the evocative white towers of St. John's Cathedral. Built in a baroque style, the church is the first sight of Antigua for most of the island's visitors. Exploring the city can take you to find beautiful colonial houses and experience the Caribbean lifestyle walking around the farmers market, full of artisan crafts and local products. St. John is the best place on the island for restaurants and night-life with an endless choice of clubs playing the best local and international music and smaller venues that offer great live music.

For those who want to discover the rich history of Antigua the first step is the Museum which displays artefacts recovered on archaeological digs from the Arawak, the firsts inhabitants of the island, as well as remnants of the colonial era. The following step is the English Harbour , located in the fifteen square miles of Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Named after the famous Admiral Nelson the Harbour is the only Georgian dockyard in the world and is the centre of this magnificent historic district.