How to use the social networks safely

2018-10-15 04:11:50

Social networking sites provides the best platform to get social in life, they provide space to share information like photos, videos, and personal messages, so it’s better to customize yourself while you are on these sites to avoid wrong usage of them.


As we all know this is the era of social networking sites, we get lots of fame and friends when we are on them, they provides us good platform to be social in our life, but every thing has a dark side, more on these means more in the eyes of hackers, spammers, virus writers and identity thieves, which normally harms us. So it’s better to use security measures to keep them away.

The social networking sites which are popular in this era are facebook, twitter, Myspace and windows live spaces which are used to connect with others to share information like photos, videos, and personal messages. If it goes in the hand of wrong person it can harm you, so it’s better to customize yourself while you are on these sites. The steps for safe social networking are as follows,

·         Pay attention when you click links: when you receive a message from your friend in social networking sites which have a link in it, pay attention while you wish to open it, do not open it if you don’t know the person very well.

·         Strong password: create a strong password containing minimum eight characters having alpha numeric letters in it.

·         Create strong security question: normally hackers or others get into your account through “forgot your password?” link on the account login page. They crack your password by answering security questions such as your birthday, home town, high school class etc. so create a strong security question of your own in recovering the password once you forget it.

·         Do not allow your social networking site to scan your email address book.

·         Use your social networking site by directly typing its address in the URL of your browser. Avoid going to it through other links provided at different places of web pages because they might be phishing scams to get your password.

·         Be selective while accepting friends request on these sites.

·         Choose the social networking site carefully by clearly understanding its privacy policies, terms and conditions.

·         Always keep in mind everything you post on these sites is permanent, they can be easily saved or downloaded.

·         Be careful in using third party applications on these sites, which mainly comes in extras you can do in it.

·         Always talk to your kids regarding social networking sites, their pros and cons

·         Never provide yours all personal detail, bank account and its password on these sites.

·         Do avoid screen scraping, never post anything online that you don’t want to make public.

·         The best way to prevent the negative effects of screen scraping is to minimize the amount of information that you post online.