Cheap Tablet solutions

2018-09-07 09:38:44

If you are looking for cheap tablets in the market these days, why don’t you look for Android tablets?


It was just Apple’s introduction in the market with their new Ipad made a big boom to the tablet industry. Competitors eventually came into the scene in the presence of Android tablets which are powered by an open source OS that are also meant for smartphones. Android OS is very easy to scale up the same way as apple did with their IOS OS available in the Ipad. Android’s OS in the 3.0 version was named as Android Honeycomb and it was the very 1st version of Android OS which is meant for tablet. It was used by Motorola tablets in 2017. Android tablets became very famous among young professionals, students and those who cannot afford to buy expensive Apple devices.

Android tablets are equipped with touch screen feature that allows user to easily activate the apps and use them for their convenience in just few tap of their fingers. Users can move objects, icons and others by simply tapping, scrolling and swiping over the screen. A lot of android tab makers today offer a specific market place where you can buy free and paid apps for eBook reading, downloading music, social networking, browsing the web and many others. Android tabs are durable and what is best of all is that you can choose from various brands available in the market and most of them offer affordable prices for low end consumers who are looking for quality at a lower price.

Tablets are small devices similar to computers but they contain single panel only. They don’t have a separate keyboard just like what laptops have. Through the years, the android OS continuously improve and from Honeycomb came Gingerbread which is known to be more adequate for smartphones though it was soon approved for tabs too.

Because there are various brands of tablets in the market today, people can choose the brand, the size, the design and the features depending on the brand and on the price too. On the other hand, android cheap tablets contain common features using the Android OS. You are free to choose the brand that you want since Android tabs come in various brands. You can choose from Samsung tab, HTC, Motorola, CNIT and Apad. These are just some of the brands that you can find in the market and all of them are using Android OS. You will surely enjoy your device because it serves different purpose for different people.