Gastronomy wonders in Galicia

2017-07-21 06:55:55

The Spaniards love to feast. And, Galicia is certainly the place to be if you love seafood. It serves the best and freshest seafood cuisine in the whole of Spain, hands down. 


You will find this delicacy in any bar or restaurant in some variant or other within this region. 

Seafood Delights

Rias Baixas proves to be the biggest shellfish producer in Spain which includes clams, mussels, crabs, perecebes, cockles, oysters and lobsters. These are truly abundant and well priced with the freshness of the catch still lingering from the fishing boat when served on the plate.You will find these shellfish all over the beach as you take a stroll at low tides.

 However, you are not allowed to gather up these precious treasures of the sea as these serve the livelihood of the locals. Much of these shellfish are also being cultivated locally in the local cooperatives to maintain the high quantity for the demanding tourist industry here.

The feisty festival Seafood Feria at O’Grove is a worthy stop in October, displaying every variant of fresh seafood delicacy at rock bottom prices. It is a must for seafood lovers when in Spain. Tourists all over Spain will flock to this region for this Festa de Marisco once a year around October 6th to the 15th. The fresh seafood goes extremely well with Galicia’s very fine Red and White wines at this beautiful coastline.