Nature experiences with animals

2019-12-06 10:39:13

If you have a love of nature, why not combine your next luxury holiday with wildlife?


If you have a love of nature, why not combine your next luxury holiday with wildlife? There are so many amazing creatures across the globe and more and more enthralling wildlife experiences are being offered each year. To help you to choose a wildlife experience that is just right for you, here are five of the best wildlife discovery tours we recommend:

1. Swimming with Whales in the South Pacific
Can you imagine the peaceful tranquillity of swimming with whales in the South Pacific? A luxury holiday in the South Pacific is in itself an amazing experience, but then add to that the sheer delight of swimming with Humpback Whales and you will have a truly magical holiday. The Kingdom of Tonga is one of the only places in the world where it is legal to swim with the graceful whales. Spend your days sharing the whales' playground, and then relax with friends, a delicious meal and a cocktail or two on the tropical beach of an evening.
2. Bald Eagles in Canada
Watching the thousands of Bald Eagles that congregate in Brackendale, in British Columbia, Canada, every winter is an absolutely amazing sight. You are sure to be breath-taken as you stare in awe at these incredible creatures while they twist and turn in the sky, feast on plump salmon in the river below or squabble for the best spot in the tree to roost. Float silently along the river by boat and you can enjoy the soft lapping sounds of the gentle river while watching these regal raptors go about their business. You won't find any 5 star resorts around here but the rustic cabins, complete with fireplaces, provide all the cosy comforts you could wish for.
3. Tiger Temple
If you would like to mix your luxury wildlife holiday with a spiritual experience then Thailand's Tiger Temple is definitely worth visiting. This Buddhist temple located in Western Thailand is home to a variety of species of wildlife, most notably the magnificent tigers. These tigers are generally housed in cages - for their own safety as well as for visitors' safety - although they are all walked on leashes every day. They are cared for by local monks as well as volunteers who travel from around the globe to be given this special opportunity.
4. Africa Wildlife Safari
There are so many amazing animals to discover on an African safari, from peaceful giraffes to imposing lions; elegant impalas to tough-looking rhinos. In addition to the unique wildlife this country offers, imagine drifting across the famous Serengeti National Park in a hot air balloon, followed by a decadent champagne breakfast complete with white napkins and silver cutlery. While here, visit mighty Kilimanjaro and the Lake Manyara National Park, a conservation area specifically established to protect the dwindling elephant herds.
5. Primates of Rwanda
Did you enjoy watching Gorillas in the Mist? If so, you will be enthralled by the real thing - watching the primates of Rwanda. You are sure to be fascinated by the natural antics of black and white Colobus monkeys, cheeky chimpanzees and, of course, the superb mountain gorillas. As if that isn't enough, the landscape around here is truly spectacular, with a trek through the Nyungwe Forest a worthwhile experience.
There are so many remarkable luxury holidays with wildlife available - these Top 5 Experiences With Animals have only just begun to explore what is available to get to know these wonderful creatures. Other magical wildlife discoveries include seeing the orcas (killer whales) in Norway, seeking the shy Chinese pandas, tracking snow leopards in India, visiting polar bears in the Arctic or penguins in the Antarctic. Next time you are thinking of luxury vacation packages , consider an unforgettable experience with wildlife. You won't be disappointed.