Get rid of garbage wisely

There is nothing worse than seeing garbage blowing down the street of your neighborhood, or finding broken shards of glass at the local swimming hole where children play.

The importance of reusable bags

In a society filling with environmental topics, reusable bags became daily necessities. However, how about our knowledge of environmental protection?There are bags with cotton and non-woven.


Solar energy pros and contras

Solar energy can be collected in two main ways – either by heating water (Solar Thermal) or by converting light into electricity (Solar Photovoltaics).


Water saving tips

Water is essential for life on Earth, and clean freshwater is a necessity for humans in order to live healthy and happy lives.


Nature experiences with animals

If you have a love of nature, why not combine your next luxury holiday with wildlife?


Autumn compost pile tips

I am convinced that composting is the number one thing you can do as a home vegetable gardener that is beneficial for your soil and plants.


Tidal energy for green future

With these sources of energy, cheaper and cleaner energy sources can be tapped so the human race does not become dependent on environmentally damaging fossil fuels.


Facts about shark attacks

In 1968 a survey was conducted in Australia to determine what single word arouse the most intense emotions. Words such as murder, death, love and passion were tested. The hands-down winner? Shark.


Eco-friendly homes for a green future

Some environmentally friendly building techniques to keep in mind as your new home is built include the following ideas.


How to get horses to trust you

Trust is necessary when you wish to control your horse with ease. Certainly, you can still ride a horse that you are uncomfortable with but it will be harder to control a horse when it feels threatened or uncomfortable around you.


Wild animals in Scotland

Scotland is beautiful country full of wild animals. Every season offers you unique possibility to enjoy local wildlife. In whole Scotland there are over 120 reserves.


Dirty secrets of electricity

More and more forward thinking people are focusing on ways to reduce their carbon footprint.


Clean water for everyone

Water is essential for life on Earth, and clean freshwater is a necessity for humans in order to live healthy and happy lives.


Dicrease of Marine life

Marine life is decreasing rapidly all around the globe.  It doesn’t matter where you look the sea animal and fish populations is dropping.  Some of this is due to the climate and some to pollution.  


Wind turbines for a cleaner World

When people think about finding green sources of energy, they often turn to solar power. While it is true that solar energy is a clean alternative to using traditional fuels such as gas and electricity, it is not the only green option available.


Compost pile tips

I am convinced that composting is the number one thing you can do as a home vegetable gardener that is beneficial for your soil and plants. Adding good quality compost to your soil helps with drainage, nutrients in the soil and so many other things. 


Take better nature photos

When it comes to nature photography, digital cameras have opened up new avenues of creativity. But has nature been forgotten in our obsession with technology?


Energy saver passive house

In passive house design, the cost savings that result from dispensing with the conventional heatingsystem can be used to pay for the upgrading of the building envelope and provide renewable energy heating. 


Interesting fresh water species

Learn about the most interesting fresh-water species, wehich do not pose any harm to humans unlike their neighboring residents!


Electronic waste recycling

The ill effects of air pollution can be felt by the climate today, the entire weather cycle has distorted to a huge extent. Our earth has become warmer than before and the environment has become truly uncomfortable and adulterated, all this has led to global warming which is a big cause of concern. 


Facts about Koalas

The scientific name for koala Bear is Phascolarctos cinereus and is part of an arboreal marsupial with a despairing similarities of a wombat. 


Garden furniture for a happy summer

Garden furniture, also popularly known as outdoor furniture and patio furniture, is mainly required for outdoor settings. These are very useful in arranging seating arrangements in gardens, lawns, hotels, and restaurant settings. 


Use less energy at home

Saving energy at home is common sense all round. Whether you are environmentally conscious or simply trying to reduce your bills it is a good idea to keep a close check on your energy usage and try to keep it as low as possible. 


Tips for Bird Watching

Can you name the number one spectator sport in North America? It’s not baseball, figure skating or racing. It’s bird watching. That’s right, more people are watching birds than football and hockey combined. 


Mountain Vacations

Why mountain vacations? Hmm... Two days ago I was swimming in the Arkansas River. A few days before and an hours drive away, I was playing in the snow at a roadside rest area. Tomorrow I will drive an hour to the trail head and hike to a beautiful mountain lake at 11,000 feet.


How to identify a poisonous snake?

Identifying poisonous snakes is not always that easy. This is especially true if you come across one that is close by.


Staying safe in bear habitat

When exploring bear habitat it is wise to be aware of how to behave. Here we outline what to consider when in visiting bear country.