Typical signs of leaking water pump

2020-03-05 07:42:33

One of the most common problems that one can face with a vehicle is a defective or busted water pump.


pump. This can become a serious problem if this is left untreated.

However, if you know the symptoms of a bad water pump, you will be able to replace or repair the pump faster, and long-term damage will be prevented. Here are some of the most common symptoms of a bad weather pump.

1) Elevated temperatures

The temperature of the engine is always going into the red. Even, if the temperature outside isn’t that hot. It doesn’t really matter how far you are driving or how fast you are driving. The temperature of the engine is going extremely high. So high that it can damage the engine of your vehicle.

This is normally the first sign that there might be something wrong with the water pump. This might be a small problem that can be repaired, but you should take it seriously.

2) Radiator steam

Normally radiator steams come with the elevated temperatures of the engine. You see that the vehicle’s temperature is climbing higher and higher. You stop to check the water. But, instead, you are getting radiator steam. Even, if there is still water visible in the engine.

Another sign that there might be a problem with the car’s water system, that normally will include the water pump.

3) Fluid leak

If there are water leaks underneath your vehicle, it might mean that you have a leakage and that your vehicle doesn’t have enough water going to the engine. However, this is only when there is water leaking.

The moment that there is another fluid leaking, like green fluid, then you need to consider another, more serious problem. When the fluid is green or orange it might be the coolant that is leaking . This can be a reason for overheating and water pump problems. Especially, if you left it untreated.

4) Inconsistent temperature readings

If your vehicle has inconsistent temperature readings, where the vehicle is running cold, and then it is running hot again, isn’t normal. Engine temperatures need to be consistent. Meaning that the vehicle should be running at the same temperature most of the time.

This is normally a sign that the vehicle’s water pump is broken, or having a fault on. A fault that is giving inconsistent heat. And, this can be dangerous to the engine if you are leaving it untreated.

5) Water pump replacement costs

Now, that you know that it might be the water pump that needs to be replaced on your vehicle, you might wonder about the costs. Is it expensive to replace a water pump on a vehicle? In general, it will depend on the type of vehicle, and the model of the vehicle might be.

To replace a water pump can cost anything between $350 to $700. This doesn’t include the work that needs to be done in order for the pump to get installed. Some water pump problems can be repaired by just replacing the parts. These parts can go anywhere between $50 to $350, and again this excludes the work for repairing the parts.

Having a vehicle with a broker water pump results in an expensive repair. This is because replacing or repairing the water pump is one of the more expensive things to repair. However, if you don’t repair or replace the water pump, you can seriously hurt the engine that can use you to replace the engine. And, this can cause thousands of dollars. With these symptoms of a broken water pump , you should take action as soon as possible before you damage the vehicle more.